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1.I have many colleagues and co-workers whom I think to be very proactive and talented and among them, Iwould like to mention (…say a name…) whom I really enjoy working with. I have been working with him for the last 2 years and during this time I have always found him to be very talented, focused and deadline oriented co-workers. With him, all of my assignments and tasks were completed with perfect harmony and time.


Since both of us work in the same office, we work for the same company but we often work in different projects. When we both are assigned to the same project, we work almost most of the office time together.


In the office, we mostly spend our time like two good colleagues and besides this, he has become a good friend of mine. We often go near a lake to have some fresh air, we go to a restaurant to have our lunch and sometimes we meet other friends. In the office, we often discuss the tasks and share our opinion on how to solve an emerging issue.


I like to work with him mostly because of his pro-activeness and talent. He is a very good problem solver and always shows a professional and positive attitude to address a solution. He is a good team member and can work really hard to solve a problem. Apart from those qualities, he is a good listener and knows when to talk and when to remain silent. These are some great and exemplary qualities someone would seek from a team member and because of all these good qualities I enjoy and like to work with him.


2.Mr Robertson is the CEO of my office and a hard worker. I have never seen such an active person like him before in my career. He is a very smart person and has a short beard. But he looks outstanding with his height. He is six feet tall. Mr Robertson has an outstanding skill to impress people with his speeches. And he never argues with people even if they are wrong. Though he works in the same company where I am employed, I would like to work closely with him as I believe it would give a valuable opportunity to learn many things important for a career growth.


Basically, he is the boss of my office. This is a local manufacturing company in New York City. He takes care of the company. The early life of this person was filled with agonies. So, he tries to care for all of his employees. Moreover, he is also responsible for running some other business organization apart from this one. He is also an influential member of the local business association. So, he passes a very busy time during the working days.


I know the person for the past five years. In fact, it was my first job at his organization and I have been continuing here without any interval. And I wish to work here as long as I can. During this time, I have met him a number of times. In each of the meet, I have learned something newer. In the beginning, I did not have the idea that this shabby man would be the boss of this company until I met him officially for the first time in his office.


Working with Mr Robertson will enrich my knowledge and skills. Besides, he is supportive of his staffs and loves to share his experience. Further, a sense of happiness works inside while working with him. For all such grounds, I want to work with Mr Robertson.



学习英语口语少不了一个英语外教进行辅导,至于如何找到外国人陪练口语,分享一个小编一直在用的app:口语侠,可以随时和世界各地的Native Speaker进行一对一的口语对练,里面有很多专业的外教可以选择。用起来就跟打微信语音电话一样,语音质量很清晰。这个是最让小编感到意外且性价比超级高的一个APP了。小编长期练习的一个语伴是英国的Leila,她不仅口音纯正,而且人超级nice,她本人还是一个摄影师,小编也经常跟她交流摄影方面的技巧。




1. how are you doing?(你好吗?)                 

2. i’m doing great.(我过得很好。)

3. what’s up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?)  

4. nothing special.(没什么特别的。)

5. hi. long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了。)          

6. so far so good.(到目前为止,一切都好。)

7. things couldn’t be better.(一切顺利。)            

8. how about yourself?(你自己呢?)

9. today is a great day.(今天是个好日子。)          

10. are you making progress?(有进展吗?)

11. may i have your name, please?(请问尊姓大名?)  

12. i’ve heard so much about you.(久仰大名。)

13. i hope you’re enjoying your staying here.(希望你在这里过得愉快。)

14. let’s get together again.(改天再聚聚。)          

15. that’s a great idea!(好主意!)            

16. please say hello to your mother for me.(请代我向你母亲问好。)

17. i’m glad to have met you.(很高兴遇到你。)  

18. don’t forget us.(别忘了我们。)

19. keep in touch.(保持联系。)               

20. i had a wonderful time here.(我在这里度过了难忘的时光。)

21. have a nice weekend.(周末愉快。)              

22. same to you.(彼此彼此。)

23. nice talking to you.(很高兴与你聊天。)          

24. take care of yourself.(自己当心/照顾好你自己。)

25. thank you for everything.(谢谢你的多方关照/你为我所做的一切。) 

26. thank you all for coming.(谢谢光临。)          

27. i appreciate your help.(我感谢你的帮助。) 

28. you’re always welcome.(别客气/不用谢)   

29. forget it.(算了吧)                    

30. it was my pleasure.(不用谢。)               

31. i made a mistake.(我弄错了。)     


1.No way!不行!

2.Go for it! 加油!



5.It's on me.我来付。

6.Count me on 算上我。

7.Easy does it.慢慢来。

8.Cheap skate!小气鬼!

9.Who Cares!谁管你呀!

10.Come on! 来嘛!拜托!

11.Don't push me.别逼我。

12.Far from it.一点也不。

13.It's unfair.太不公平了。

14.You asked for it.你自找的。

15.Be my guest.请便,别客气。

16.It slipped my mind.我忘了。

17.Back in a moment!马上回来!

18.It slipped my mind.我忘了。 

19.Drop me a line.写封信给我。

20.Stop complaining!别发牢骚!

21.Have a nice day.祝你今天愉快。

22.No doubt about it!勿庸置疑!

23.Stop messing around!别鬼混了!

24.Don't get me wrong!你搞错了!

25.Don't give me that!少来这套!

26.Don't let me down!别让我失望!

27.So what? 那又如何?那又怎样?

28.Out of the question!不可能的!

29.He came by train.他乘火车来。

30.Never heard of it!没听说过!



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