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Achieving a 7.0 in IELTS speaking in one month really depends on a few things


1. What level of English you're starting with?


If you're just starting to learn English and want to take the IELTS test achieving a 7.0 In IELTS speaking is probably not arealistic goal. However, if you're starting at maybe 5.5 or a 6 level in IELTS speaking, it can be an attainable goal.


2. How hard you study and prepare for it?


The more work and time you put into improving your score, the better chances you have of attaining your goal.


3. How many classes you have?


If you only study on you own, it's going to be hard to reach the 7.0 score that you want. As much as you practice, you won't be able to catch every grammar or vocabulary mistake without a native English speaker helping you listen and give you feedback. Learning language is about communication and if you don't communicate with anyone, your progress will be very slow.



Here are 5 tips that will help you feel more confident and of course, get a 7 or higher on your IELTS Speaking exam in one month.


1. Smile and be yourself


On test day, one of the biggest ways that students ruin heir score is by being nervous. When students are nervous, they speak like a robot. This leads to a 5 for pronunciation. If you want a 7 or higher for Pronunciation, smile and use emotion In your voice. Putting emotion in your voice helps your voice go up and down, which is called intonation, and helps you to stress important words and information. This is what the examiner wants to hear. Also, when you smile, you relax, Which helps the examiner relax as well.


2. Know what the examiner wants


One secret to doing well on any test is knowing what the exam is testing. Find a IELTS teacher or course on Language Master that can tell you exactly what the examiner wants and how to meet those guidelines for a 7 or higher. In order to do well on the IELTS exam, you have to have a high English level, but you must also know what the examiner is listening for on the Speaking test.


3. Use interesting vocabulary


If you want a 7 or higher for Vocabulary, you must use interesting vocabulary, such as slang and idioms. Basically, the examiner is listening for vocabulary that you didn't just learn from a textbook. You should use some slang in Part 1 and 2, such as chill out at home or hang out with my buddies. Also, you should learn some idioms that are easy to fit in for Part 1 and Part 2, such as those describing how you feel about something. For example, if you like something you can say you are over the moon about it, or it thrills you to bits. In Part 3, of course, the questions are more formal, so your vocabulary should be more high level. For example when you give your opinion, you can use phrases such as I agree with the notion that... or To be frank, I firmly believe that...

如果你想要词汇7分以上,你必须使用有趣的词汇,比如俚语和习惯用语。基本上,考官要听的是你不是只从课本上学来的词汇。你应该在Part1和Part2中使用一些俚语,例如chill out at home或hang out with my buddies。另外,你还应该学习一些容易融入Part1和Part2的成语,比如那些描述你对某件事情的感觉的成语。例如,如果你喜欢某件事,你可以说你对它感到非常兴奋,或者它让你激动不已。当然在Part3中,问题比较正式,所以你的词汇量应该比较高。比如当你发表意见的时候,你可以用I agree with the notion that...或者To be frank, I firmly believe that...等短语。

4. Use lots of linking words


In order to get a 7 or higher for Fluency and Coherence you must use a variety of linking words. Use more common words in Parts 1 and 2 such as and, but ,also, and as well. If you can tell a short story for your Part 2 answer, use time words such as next, subsequently, after that, and at long last. In Part 3, you should try and use more high level and impressive linking words and phrases, such as subsequently, as a result, moreover, and furthermore. Using a variety of linking words and phrases will not only give you a high score for Fluency and Coherence, but also Vocabulary.

要想在流畅性和连贯性方面获得7分或更高的分数,您必须使用各种连接词。在第1和第2部分中使用比较常见的词,如and, but, also, and as well。如果你能在第二部分的答案中讲一个小故事,就可以使用时间词,如next, subsequently, after that, and at long last。在第3部分中,你应该尝试使用更多高大上和令人印象深刻的连接词和短语,如随后,as a result,moreover,and furthermore。多用各种连接词和短语,不仅可以让你在流畅性和连贯性上得到高分,而且在词汇量上也会得到高分。

5. Practice speaking English


Simple and logical advice, but it's a tough one nevertheless. As I've said, in order to get a 7 or higher in all categories of the Speaking test, you must know what the examiner wants, and you must have a high level of English. You must show the examiner that you can keep talking without too many pauses and uhs and ums. Therefore, find a native speaker on Language Master to chat with.







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