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雅思阅读考试中一般会出现一些我们不太熟悉的话题,甚至有些文章的内容与我们了解的文化有较多的不同,在雅思的阅读中我们经常会看到一些非常生僻的词汇,因此想要做好一篇雅思阅读不仅需要有足够的词汇量,还需要理解并能进行做题。在历年的考题中总会出现让大家比较头疼的文章,那么今天小编就给大家分享book review雅思答案解析噢!希望能够帮到你,感兴趣的话就往下看看吧!

一、book review雅思答案解析

剑桥雅思13Test4Passage3阅读答案解析 Book Review 图书评论

剑桥雅思13阅读第四套题目第三篇文章的14道题由3道单项选择,5道选词填空,以及6道YES/NO/NOT GIVEN判断组成。文章讨论的内容比较抽象,对于没有相关知识背景的同学来说可能过于晦涩,导致题目做起来不是很顺畅,难度偏大。下面是具体每道题目的答案解析。


剑桥雅思13Test4Passage3阅读原文翻译 Book Review 图书评论

剑桥雅思13 Test4 Passage3阅读答案解析



对应原文:第2段:those who think in this way are oblivious to the vast philosophical literature in which the meaning and value of happiness have been explored and questioned



对应原文:第2段: it was obvious that the human good consists of pleasure and the absence of pain … The Greek philosopher Aristotle may have identified happiness with self-realisation in the 4th century BC



对应原文:第4段:By associating money so closely to inner experience, Davies writes, Bentham ‘set the stage for the entangling of psychological research and capitalism …’



对应原文:第3段:In the 1790s, he wrote to the Home Office suggesting that the departments of government be linked together through a set of ‘conversation tubes’

答案解析:根据1790s定位到第3段的中部。从题干“conversation tubes”可以看出,这项技术应该与部门之间的交流有关,由此确定F为正确答案。


对应原文:第3段:to the Bank of England with a design for a printing device that could produce unforgeable banknotes

答案解析:顺着上一题往下,根据banknotes定位到这句话,原文中提到,这种纸币是无法被伪造的,所有选项中只有B security与此能扯上关系,由此确定答案。


对应原文:第3段:He drew up plans for a ‘frigidarium’ to keep provisions such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables fresh

答案解析:根据food与meat, fish, fruit and vegetable的对应定位到这句话。原文提到,他的发明试图保持这些食物的新鲜。即食物的储存,由此确定G为正确答案。


对应原文:第3段:His celebrated design for a prison to be known as a ‘Panopticon’, in which prisoners would be kept in solitary confinement while being visible at all times to the guards



对应原文:第4段:If happiness is to be regarded as a science, it has to be measured, and Bentham suggested two ways in which this might be done



对应原文:第5段:The Happiness Industry describes how the project of a science of happiness has become integral to capitalism.


第36题答案:NOT GIVEN


答案解析:原文中没有任何地方比较测量情绪的难度,题干属于无中生有,因此判断答案为NOT GIVEN。


对应原文:第5段:When he became president of the American Psychological Association in 1915, he ‘had never even studied a single human being’

答案解析:第5段中部提到,当Watson成为美国心理协会主席时,他从来都没有对任何人类个体进行过研究。题干中关于research on humans he carried out before 1915的描述与此不符,因此判断答案为NO。

第38题答案:NOT GIVEN

对应原文:第5段:Watson’s reductive model is now widely applied

答案解析:原文确实提到Watson的简化模型现在应用广泛,但并没有提及它究竟在哪里有更大的影响。题干中most influential on governments outside America(对美国之外的政府影响最大)属于无中生有,因此判断答案为NOT GIVEN。


对应原文:第6段:Modem industrial societies appear to need the possibility of ever-increasing happiness



对应原文:第6段:the idea that governments should be responsible for promoting happiness is always a threat to human freedom.




You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 27-40, which are based on Reading Passage 3 below.



Experts from Harvard Business School give advice to managers


Most managers can identify the major trends of the day. But in the course of conducting research in a number of industries and working directly with companies, we have discovered that managers often fail to recognize the less obvious but profound ways these trends are influencing consumers’ aspirations, attitudes, and behaviors. This is especially true of trends that managers view as peripheral to their core markets.


Many ignore trends in their innovation strategies or adopt a wait-and-see approach and let competitors take the lead. At a minimum, such responses mean missed profit opportunities. At the extreme, they can jeopardize a company by ceding to rivals the opportunity to transform the industry. The purpose of this article is twofold: to spur managers to think more expansively about how trends could engender new value propositions in their core markets, and to provide some high-level advice on how to make market research and product development personnel more adept at analyzing and exploiting trends.


One strategy, known as 'infuse and augment’,is to design a product or service that retains most of the attributes and functions of existing products in the category but adds others that address the needs and desires unleashed by a major trend. A case in point is the Poppy range of handbags, which the firm Coach created in response to the economic downturn of 2008. The Coach brand had been a symbol of opulence and luxury for nearly 70 years, and the most obvious reaction to the downturn would have been to lower prices. However, that would have risked cheapening the brand’s image. Instead, they initiated a consumer-research project which revealed that customers were eager to lift themselves and the country out of tough times. Using these insights, Coach launched the lower-priced Poppy handbags, which were in vibrant colors, and looked more youthful and playful than conventional Coach products. Creating the sub-brand allowed Coach to avert an across-the-board price cut. In contrast to the many companies that responded to the recession by cutting prices, Coach saw the new consumer mindset as an opportunity for innovation and renewal.

策略一:“融汇与扩张”,指设计的产品服务能够最大化保留现有产品范畴内的属性与功能,但也加入其他一些属性与功能以满足主流趋势的需求和欲望。以2008年经济萧条时期Coach公司旗下的新系列Poppy手包为例。70年来, Coach都是奢侈华贵的象征,而应对经济萧条最自然的反应就是折价处理。但是这样会使品牌形象廉价化。而Coach在消费者调查报告中发现,消费者迫不及待地想让自己和这个国家都摆脱萧条的困境。有了这样的观察, Coach发布了一款价格更低的Poppy手包系列,与经典款的Coach产品相比,这些手包颜色亮丽,年轻又充满趣味。Coach用创造全新的子品牌成功避免了全线降价。相比某些公司用打折处理来应对萧条, Coach抓住了消费者的心理,以此为契机,抓住机会实现革新。

A further example of this strategy was supermarket Tesco’s response to consumers’ growing concerns about the environment. With that in mind, Tesco, one of the world’s top five retailers, introduced its Greener Living program, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to protecting the environment by involving consumers in ways that produce tangible results. For example, Tesco customers can accumulate points for such activities as reusing bags, recycling cans and printer cartridges, and buying home-insulation materials. Like points earned on regular purchases, these green points can be redeemed for cash. Tesco has not abandoned its traditional retail offerings but augmented its business with these innovations, thereby infusing its value proposition with a green streak.


A more radical strategy is ‘combine and transcend5. This entails combining aspects of the product’s existing value proposition with attributes addressing changes arising from a trend, to create a novel experience - one that may land the company in an entirely new market space. At first glance, spending resources to incorporate elements of a seemingly irrelevant trend into one’s core offerings sounds like it’s hardly worthwhile. But consider Nike’s move to integrate the digital revolution into its reputation for high-performance athletic footwear. In 2006,they teamed up with technology company Apple to launch Nike+, a digital sports kit comprising a sensor that attaches to the running shoe and a wireless receiver that connects to the user’s iPod. By combining Nike’s original value proposition for amateur athletes with one for digital consumers, the Nike+ sports kit and web interface moved the company from a focus on athletic apparel to a new plane of engagement with its customers.


A third approach, known as 'counteract and reaffirm’,involves developing products or services that stress the values traditionally associated with the category in ways that allow consumers to oppose - or at least temporarily escape from - the aspects of trends they view as undesirable. A product that accomplished this is the ME2, a video game created by Canada’s iToys. By reaffirming the toy category’s association with physical play, the ME2 counteracted some of the widely perceived negative impacts of digital gaming devices. Like other handheld games, the device featured a host of exciting interactive games, a full-color LCD screen, and advanced 3D graphics. What set it apart was that it incorporated the traditional physical component of children’s play: it contained a pedometer, which tracked and awarded points for physical activity (walking, running, biking, skateboarding, climbing stairs). The child could use the points to enhance various virtual skills needed for the video game. The ME2, introduced in mid2008, catered to kids’ huge desire to play video games while countering the negatives, such as associations with lack of exercise and obesity.

策略三:“反制与强化”。它是指创造一款产品或服务,强化现有产品中的传统价值定位,同时使得消费者可以来反制(或短暂逃离)潮流中他们不认同的方面。成功做到这点的是一家加拿大iToys创造的电脑游戏ME2。通过强化现有产品涉及肢体运动的这一特点,ME2反制了一些电子游戏产品中广受关注的消极影响。与其他的手柄游戏相同,该产品也  主打多种令人兴奋的交互游戏、全彩LCD屏幕和先进的3D图像技术。而让它与众不同的是它融入了传统儿童游戏中的肢体动作:它包含一个计步器,能够追踪肢体动作(走路、跑步、骑自行车、滑板、爬楼梯),并奖励积分。儿童可以用积分去增强各种游戏中的虚拟技能。2008年中发售的ME2满足了孩子们玩游戏的巨大需求,同时抵消了诸如缺乏锻炼肥胖症等一系列游戏的负面影响。

Once you have gained perspective on how trend-related changes in consumer opinions and behaviors impact on your category, you can determine which of our three innovation strategies to pursue. When your category’s basic value proposition continues to be meaningful for consumers influenced by the trend,the infuse-and-augment strategy will allow you to reinvigorate the category. If analysis reveals an increasing disparity between your category and consumers,new focus, your innovations need to transcend the category to integrate the two worlds. Finally, if aspects of the category clash with undesired outcomes of a trend, such as associations with unhealthy lifestyles, there is an opportunity to counteract those changes by reaffirming the core values of your category.


Trends — technological, economic, environmental, social, or political - that affect how people perceive the world around them and shape what they expect from products and services present firms with unique opportunities for growth.



(剑雅5 T1的第二篇文章)Thus, in this explanation the subject merges his unique personality and personal and moral code with that of larger institutional structures, surrendering individual properties like loyalty, self-sacrifice and discipline to the service of malevolent systems of authority.

乍一看句子很长,拆分句子结构后发现整段的主句是:the subject merges his unique personality and personal and moral code with that of larger institutional structures”而伴随状语是“surrendering individual properties like loyalty, self-sacrifice and discipline to the service of malevolent systems of authority.”张老师,这样一讲,大家是不是就觉得其实也很简单。

雅思的阅读题型主要分为选择题、填空题、判断题、list of headings和which paragraph contains the following information 。今天,张老师主要针对几种题型跟大家好好讲一下。




28. The writer was surprised because the blind woman

A. drew a circle on her own initiative.

B. did not understand what a wheel look like.

C. included a symbol representing movement.

D. was the first person to use lines of motion.


From a number of recent studies, it has become clear that blind people can appreciate the use of outlines and perspectives to describe the arrangement of objects and other surfaces in space. But pictures are more than literal representations. This fact was drawn to my attention dramatically when a blind woman in one of my investigations decided on her own initiative to draw a wheel as it was spinning. To show this motion, she traced a curve inside the circle (Fig. 1). I was taken aback. Lines of motion, such as the one she used, are a very recent invention in the history of illustration. Indeed, as art scholar David Kunzle notes, Wilhelm Busch, a trend-setting nineteenth-century cartoonist, used virtually no motion lines in his popular figures until about 1877.

分析:A选项几乎与原文一样(… a blind woman….decided on her own initiative to draw a wheel), 但是往下读会发现,作者吃惊的原因并不是因为盲人妇女自己画了一个圈,而是因为为了显示这种运动,她又在圈里面画了一个曲线(to show this motion, she traced a curve inside the circle)。正确选项C与原文形成同义转换:included—traced, representing—show, movement—motion. 此方法对于基础较为薄弱,对原文意思较难理解的同学比较适合,可以通过排除,提高正确选项的概率。



例如:Q: Environmentalists take a pessimistic view of the world for a number of


原文: For many environmentalists, the world seems to be getting worse. (剑 5

Test 1, Q 27 )

在这个例子中,形容词 pessimistic 因为有反义词 optimistic ,故这个词就是本题的考点词。与原文相对照,发现pessimistic 对应的词是 seems to be getting worse ,与原文一致,因此答案选 YES.

3、list of headings

这种题型在雅思阅读中应该属于最难的题型了。一般段落标记题都是按顺序往下做的,你只需要找到第一题在文章中相对应的段落,后面的难题也就问题不大了。list of headings需要从整体上把握每一个段落的意思,所以在阅读文章之前,可以画出段落中的关键词,这就很容易为接下来的问题定位。一般答案都会出现在句首,当然句子中出现however, but等转折性词语,答案一般也在转折句之中。那么,大家可以一起来看一看这道题。

例如:Cambridge 8 Test 1 Passage 2 Air Traffic Control In The USA

List of Headings

i. Disobeying FAA regulations 违反FAA的规定

ii. Aviation disaster prompts action 空难促使行动

iii. Two coincidental developments 二种巧合的发展

iv. Setting altitude zones 设定空中(海拔)区域

v. An oversimplified view 一种过于简单的观点

vi. Controlling pilots’ licences 控制宇航员的执照

vii. Defining airspace categories 界定空中区域的类别

viii. Setting rules to weather conditions 根据天气状况设立规则

ix. Taking off safely 安全起飞

x. First steps towards ATC 航空交通管制的第一步

14. Paragraph A


Paragraph B x

15. Paragraph C

16. Paragraph D

17. Paragraph E

18. Paragraph F

19. Paragraph G

本题中的Headings选项很短,选项中的每个词基本都是重要的定位词。建议大家把每个选项的意思读透(参考翻译见上文),这样的话做后面题型的时候不至于把前面所划的定位词全给忘了。而上文中Paragraph B已经选了x这个选项,所以直接可以把该选项剔除掉。

4、which paragraph contains the following information


比如:Q30: how AI could help deal with difficulties related to the amount of information available electronically F段的主题句中已经出现了AI的运用:Another factor that may boost the prospects for AI in the near future is that investors are now looking for firms using clever technology, rather than just a clever business model, to differentiate themselves.  虽然主题句毫无疑问讲出了该段的主旨大意,但对于在符合Q30的信息方面,还不能算到位。此时若能够联系上下文,借助紧随其后的句子,问题便可迎刃而解。In particular, the problem of information overload, … 后面即列举了一些information available electronically, 可知答案即本段 F.


雅思考试中的阅读有较大的难度,其他部分也是很有挑战性的哦,因此雅思找到一个专业的外教进行练习还是很有必要的。分享一下我在用的app:口语侠,可以随时和世界各地的Native Speaker进行一对一的口语对练,里面有很多专业的雅思外教可以选择,而且还有前雅思高级考官,强烈建议考试前跟雅思考官模拟测试一下。这个软件用起来就跟打微信语音/视频电话一样,质量很清晰。这个是最让我感到意外且性价比超级高的一个APP了。我长期练习的一个外教陪练是英国的Leila,她不仅口音纯正,而且人超级nice,她本人还是一个摄影师,我也经常跟她交流摄影方面的技巧。


好啦,以上就是关于book review雅思答案解析的全部内容哦,在雅思的阅读考试中我们肯定会经常遇到一些不熟悉的名词以及一些观点,这些都是非常正常的,做雅思阅读题我们不仅要看懂,还得懂得雅思阅读考试技巧,这样我们才有可能顺利的解题,拿下雅思阅读噢!希望大家都能考试顺利呀!


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