雅思书信小作文范文 雅思书信写作基础词汇及句型

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You are writing your first letter to a pen pal. Introduce yourself and tell her that you will be visiting her country during the summer vacationand suggest meeting her.(日常信)


Dear Sue,

How are you? I obtained your name and address from Pen Pal International. I am very glad to write to you and we become pen pals.



Let me first introduce myself. I’m currently working as an English teacher at Shanghai Onlytoya College. I graduated from Shanghai Foreign Languages University in 1988, majoring in English literature and linguistics. I got my Master’s degree in pragmaticsin 1998. I like playing erhu (a kind of Chinese musical instrument) and listening to pop music. I am also very interested in traveling. Oh, yes, I am a great bar-goer!


This summer, I will be traveling to Australia. I will be attending a conference on behalfof my college in Sydney from July 10 to 16. After the conference, I plan to do some sightseeing in Australia, maybe five more days. If you are free, I would be very happy to meet you in person. Perhaps we could have lunch together.


Well, let me finish here. I am already eagerly awaitingyour reply to this first letter. Please tell me all about yourself and your interests. I hope we can become good friends.


Yours truly,

Kenny Gao


Kenny Gao


A friend of yours is going to your home city for a conference. He will spend a few days there. He has written you a letter, asking for advice about things to see and to do while he is there. Write a letter to him and give him some advice.(日常信)


Dear Mr. More,

Thank you for your letter dated August 23, 2006. I was very pleased to learn that you will be visiting Shanghai from September 25 to 30. I hope the following information will help you enjoy your stay in my hometown.


谢谢你 2006年8月23日的来信。很高兴获悉您将于9月25-30日到访上海,希望以下信息可以助您在我的家乡过得愉快。

First of all, Shanghai is a big and busy city. There are many internationalquality hotels and restaurants as well as shopping centers and entertainmentplaces.


However, I think you would like to see some interesting places that well represent the city. I know you are interested in art and history, so firstly, I suggest you visit Shanghai Museum, one of the biggest in China.


Secondly, not far from the museum is the famous Bund, where you will also have a wonderful view of Pudong: the OrientalPearl TV Tower, and Jinmao Tower—the third highest building in the world! You will see people from all over the world touring around the Bund.


Other interesting places are Suzhou—a beautiful city that is famous for its gardens; Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, which is very famous for its West Lake. If you would like to see an old-fashioned village with the most distinctivefeatures of the region of waters in the Changjiang River Delta, I will highly recommend Zhouzhuang, which is about a one-hour drive from Shanghai.


I hope these suggestions will be helpful. As you only have a short stay in Shanghai, you probably will not be able to do much more sightseeing. But if I can help in any other way, please let me know.


Looking forward to meeting you here in Shanghai!

Yours sincerely,

Kenny Gao



Kenny Gao




convey / express ones appreciation表示感激


beyond words难以言表









1) I take this opportunity to express to you my deep appreciation for the kind assistance you rendered me.

2) I wish there were a better word than thanks to express my appreciation for you generous help.

3) My appreciation to you for your generous help is beyond words. I wish I could repay it one day.

4) Please accept my most cordial thanks for your timely help, which I will always remember.

5)Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind help.


雅思写作评分细则:任务完成情况 Task Response

此项评分标准检测的是考生是否恰当回答了写作要求的程度(degree to which the exam question has been answered properly).


Task 1的要求是考生在大约20分钟内完成一篇至少150字的文章,包括:summarize, describe or explain 图表所包含的信息,同时也需要对相关信息进行比较。因此完成一篇较好的小作文,需要做到以下几点:

1)Identify ALL key features (找出图表中所有的关键信息)

2)Provide sufficient detail for a meaningful explanation(进行解释说明时提供充分、适量的信息),但是不要太多也不要太少!同时保证在描写趋势和数据时的准确性。

3)A clear overview (一个清晰的概述):summarise significant trends/features(总结出最明显的趋势和特征)

Task 2 的要求是考生在大约40分钟内完成一篇至少250字的文章:就某一问题阐述自己的观点,并使用证据来支持此观点。请注意:task 2 的分值比task 1要高! 那么要完成一篇出色的大作文,需要注意以下几点:

1)respond completely to all parts of the question (回答题目中的所有要求)

2)develop and support your ideas (提出并使用论据支持自己的观点):不要只提观点!添加explanations, examples or experiences!3)ensure your opinion is clear (保证整篇文章的观点清晰一致)最后,提供考生们在写作时可以运用的一个checklist:标出题目中的关键词;找出问题中有几个部分;保证完成题目中的所有要求;写作之前先梳理出观点并确定其相关性;然后将观点进行分类和排序;严格遵循建议时间(20min+40 min)并达到最低字数要求。

内容如何做到切题,关键在于审题时要找准题目的主题(topic)以及针对该主题所提出的问题(topic questions)。一般来说,主题就是题目中反复出现或主句中充当主语或宾语的名词以及名词短语,而问句则通常就是我们要讨论的要点,如果要点理解有误或漏掉某个要点,则都属于没有切题。譬如:

With the increasing use of mobile phones, less people tend to write letters. Some people believe that writing letters will disappear completely. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

从这个题目当中我们不难看出writing letters出现的频率较高,且都在主句中出现,说明它就是我们要找的主题,如果你过多描述mobile phones给我们带来的好处就跑题了。另外,题目的写作任务也很清楚:Do you agree that writing letters will disappear completely? 属于“支持或反对”类的题,必须明确表达你的立场,不能既同意又不同意,同时表达你同意或不同意的理由。

立场要做到鲜明并得到有效阐释需要有如下几个内容:topic sentence(主题句),main ideas(论点),supporting points(论据)。主题句通常放在文章的首段,开门见山地表明你的立场,主题句只能有一个;论点放在中间段的首句,让读者一目了然,论点应该有两个以上,否则论证就不充分;论据包括evidence(证据)、examples(例子)等,放在论点后面,每个论点都应该有论据作支撑,否则就会显得论据不足。


雅思写作评分细则:连贯与衔接 Coherence and Cohesion



表示开始:first of all, in the first place, at the very beginning, to begin with, currently, at present, for one thing等。

表示承接:besides, further more, in addition, moreover, what’s more, meanwhile, apart from, as well as, similarly, in the same way等。

表示转折:however, whereas, while, on the contrary, in contrast, on the other hand等。

表示结论:in conclusion, in brief, in short, to sum up, ultimately, overall等。


表示原因:because (of ), accordingly, due to, owing to, for this reason, since, as a result, as a consequence等。

表达观点:in my opinion, personally, from my viewpoint, it seems to me, it is clear to me that, as far as I am concerned

举例说明:for example, for instance, as follows, such as, that is to say, namely, just as, in particular等。

表示让步:although, in spite of, despite of, despite the fact that, regardless of等。


句子结构的准确性涉及主谓一致、句子平衡性等问题,比如:The main reason for this use of informal languages are various and complicated. 这个句子不细心的同学很难发现它有问题,因为主语太长有时会忽视真正的主语其实是the main reason,是个单数形式,所以are应该改为is. 再比如:In my opinion, use mobile phones to send messages is more convenient than write letters. 这是个很典型的错误,很多同学在写作的过程当中会误把动词或动词短语当主语用而造成句子结构的错误,而只有动词的非谓语形式才能在句中充当主语或宾语,因此,此句正确的表达应该是:In my opinion, using mobile phones to send messages is more convenient than writing letters.

句子结构的丰富性也是考官给分的一个亮点,好的段落应该由不同的句式组成,而不应该是千篇一律的句子结构。例如:I have many hobbies. For example, I like movies, I like playing basketball and football, and I like singing and dancing. 很明显,该句完全由“I + do”结构组成且like使用的频率过高,我们不妨做如下修改:I have many hobbies. Movies, for example, are my favorite and I am also fond of playing basketball and football. Sometimes when staying with my friends, I’d prefer singing and dancing rather than any other way of amusement.


短句变长:即善用连接词and, but, or, yet, so等。例如:Living off campus is exciting. Living off campus is more independent. I prefer the convenience of living on campus. 不难看出,这是两种对立的观点,因此我们可以将其变为:Living off campus is exciting and more independent, but I prefer the convenience of living on campus.

还有比较重要的一点是不容忽视的,即用语的正式性和严谨性。实际上,在汉语中也有很多这样的例子,比如我们说:“这里人真多啊!”这就是一个典型的口语化的表达方式,而如果用“人山人海”、“车水马龙”、“摩肩接踵”等词来形容人多就是写作语言了。我们不妨看几个非正式用语的句子:Parents have to get kids food and other stuff. 此句中的kids和stuff就是两个非正式用语,如变成:Parents have to provide children with food and other necessities.就正式了。再如:People always say competitive sports are totally cool. 此句中的cool以及这个句式都是属于比较口语化的,应该变为:It is always said that competitive sports benefit us in several important ways.

雅思写作评分细则:词汇资源 Lexical Resource







词汇的多少并不能决定文章的好坏,但用词的精准性是可以加分的。一般来说词汇的准确表达可以通过两个方面达到,一是在用词的难度上拔高,二是在近义词的多种表达上提升。譬如要描述一个好人,很多同学首先想到的形容词就是good, kind, wise, nice, clever, great, bright等词,而这些词往往很难出彩,因为描述太过于抽象,如果能用到诸如ambitious, tactful, eloquent, charismatic, committed之类的词就很具体了。当然,这些词需要我们平时的日积月累,不是靠一两天的功夫就可以运用自如的。还有,值得提醒的是不要认为这些词好就过分堆积,会给考官留下华而不实的感觉,正如优秀的厨师往往都不会用太多的佐料,而只需油盐就可以了。

雅思写作取得高分的关键在于灵活地运用词汇,多使用非常用词汇,分数一般来说不会低于5.5分。因此,在日常学习中,如何区别低分词汇和高分词汇是关键所在。中国考生一般来说可以比较正确的表达出自己的观点,但是对于词汇和句式的使用就有些茫然了,经常会重复使用词汇,句式也只会用简单句。举一个例子,英语中的‘我认为’有无数种说法,大多数中国考生只会用‘I think’ , 值得注意的是,学术写作中的 ‘我认为’不能使用这个词组,I contend, from my point of view, as far as I am concerned, I argue, I assert…这些词汇都是学术英语中表示个人观点的高分词汇。

雅思写作评分细则:语法准确性 Grammatical Range & Accuracy







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